You Got This!

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Hello, Fabulous!  Thank you for stopping by!  I hope you are yours are staying safe during these Coronavirus pandemic times.

I wanted to let you know, “You got this!”  And because you have weathered many storms in the past, this is no different.  However, it is a great time to definitely practice good hygiene in terms of washing your hands, coughing in your arm, and wiping everything, and I mean everything down!  Oops!  I almost forgot, keep your hands out of your face!  I see you!

You Got This! 1

So what have you been doing with yourself while on lockdown? As for me, I have been keeping up with my yearly reads from the “The One Year Bible,” New Living Translation.”  And you wouldn’t believe how some of what’s happening today, that bible has already spoken about it.  Plagues, separation with being ceremonially unclean, we know it as quarantine today.  The book is worth the read!  It gives you all the deets!

I  stopped walking for a while, but have since started back, and boy does it feel good getting back into shape.   Are you doing some sort of exercise?  If so, what?

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