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Here are Three Ways to Keep Your Jewelry Looking New!

When purchasing jewelry do you think about how you’re going to keep it looking new?  I never really thought about it until I started making jewelry.  I mean, I would purchase a jewelry cloth from a department store every now and then, but that was it.

Since designing jewelry and also with wanting to keep my sterling silver looking good without the manual labor, of scrubbing and polishing,  I stumbled across this product, Connoisseurs Dip Jewelry Cleaner.  It’s amazing!  Look at the three ways in which I use the cleaner.


Okay, as promised, here is the three ways I clean jewelry:

  • I live by Connoisseurs sterling silver Dip Jewelry Cleaner. It comes with a little tray, you put your jewelry in for a second, pull it out, and there’s the sparkle!  I almost forgot immediately rinse and dry, or either put it on a towel and let it dry.
  • Now in case you have gold, they have a liquid for that, but in this case, I use their Jewelry Wipes. I take these and wipe my jewelry off, and then I don’t dispose of them.  I use them until I can’t anymore then I throw them away (usually until there’s no more white on the cloth).
  • Here’s my third example. This is usually done with sterling, but you can do it with gold if you so choose.  If the earrings are sterling and have some type of stone, or bead, I use a Q-tip.  Yep, you heard right!  I dip the Q-tip cotton swab in the cleaner and clean only the metal and then immediately rinse as I mentioned in number one.


So, there you have it, ways to keep your jewelry looking fresh!  As I mentioned, Connoisseurs has several types of cleaners for all your jewelry needs.  I’m a sterling lover, so therefore my focus was on sterling.  If you have costume jewelry, they have something for that, too!

Is there a special cleaner, or cloth that you use? Share them in the comments.

Disclaimer:  I am not getting paid to promote the jewelry cleaner or Q-tips.  The product works and I wanted to share.

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